COVID-19 Updates

In the midst of the pandemic, Covenant House continues to provide 24/7 comprehensive care & support to the youth and children facing homelessness and trafficking in our community. In late 2019, we were caring for 162 youth and children, the most ever in our history. Now, we are averaging over 220 young people in our care each night. We will continue to feed, clothe, and shelter our young residents, while also meeting their physical and behavioral healthcare needs during this critical time. 

We are committed to protecting the health of our residents and our brave front-line staff, and we are doing everything in our power to prevent a further outbreak of this dangerous virus.

Covenant House is prioritizing the intake of the most vulnerable youth. We will continue to practice a number of important policies that were implemented in March that have helped us prevent the virus’s spread on our campus, including:

  • Requiring all youth & staff to wear protective face coverings
  • Promoting and facilitating daily temperature taking, washing of hands, and social distancing
  • Providing “to-go” meals to limit congregation at meal times

This crisis represents a new challenge for our staff and our young people. Despite all that they have experienced, they are filled with hope and promise. Their resilience is truly remarkable.

Help support our residents in this time of extraordinary crisis.

The Easer Bunny poses with some youth

Our young people are absolutely amazing. In the midst of the pandemic, they are able to find the space in their hearts to worry about the life and safety of those who have more than let them down… those who should have loved them unconditionally.

Silhouette of a woman

I asked Melissa one last question: “When you were being drugged and raped, night after night. Did you get mad at God?” She looked at me quizzically. “No… sometimes when the drugs were wearing thin, I would wake up and pray: please God save me.”

Mama Foots laughing with others

“Mama Foots” is an angel – a woman of deep faith. Every morning, she leads a group of the young men in prayer: giving thanks for blessings (like a new job), asking for strength and fortitude, and now… seeking protection from the Coronavirus.