Shelter Documentary

From Vice Documentary Films, executive producer Michael K. Williams (The Wire) and the Peabody award-winning Renaud Brothers, SHELTER tells the raw and emotional stories of our brave young people as they seek help and hope at Covenant House.

The film has been screened at several major festivals (Rome, Big Sky, San Francisco) and won a special jury prize and an audience award for best documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival.

Already Seen the Film?

Scroll down for “where are they now” updates on our youth that were featured.

Tiesha and her son Tommie moved in with her sister in New Orleans East shortly after the filming. We have reached out to offer further assistance if needed.

Patrick is stable and doing well. He’s living in a supportive housing program for those suffering from mental health issues. He is much more at peace.

Quatavius battled severe alcoholism for quite a while. He was in and out of Covenant House. We’re delighted to report that Quatavius is now clean and sober! He works at the Aquarium – and has moved into his own apartment.

Taylor made a commitment to becoming clean and sober – and is succeeding in her personal battle with heroin. This spring, she completed her GED (HiSET). Best of all: Taylor recently reconciled with her parents and now lives nearby.

Daniel left Covenant House with the hope of reconciling with his mother in Mississippi. We had not seen him for quite some time… Just last month, Daniel walked back through our front door, seeking our help finding a new job.

Dashea began working with a tutor at Covenant House, and has significantly improved her literacy skills. She is now working on her GED (HiSET) degree, and recently started a new job. She is sober, clean, and living with friends.

Matthew graduated from the Liberty’s Kitchen culinary training program. He works at Cake Cafe in Fauberg Marigny, and has his own apartment.
Matthew comes by regularly to scan his drawings. He recently started selling his comic books on-line.

Our staff was able to assist Brandon with resuming his meds —
to the point that his father recently took him back in.
He is currently doing much better and works part-time
staffing major events in town.

Raven now works at a trendy restaurant in the French Quarter, and has her own apartment. She came by to show us her new drivers’ license… under gender is listed the letter “F.”

Elizabeth had come a long way. She was taking her medications regularly and had moved into her own apartment with her newborn child, Georgia. However, she “slipped” and started using again. We helped get her into a number of drug rehab programs. Mr. Jim last saw her in October when she stopped by to tell him she had been clean for 18 days. We have tried to find Elizabeth and Georgia, but to no avail.

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