24/7 Care Center & Stable Housing

24/7 Care Center

24 hours a day, we welcome young people with no questions asked and meet their immediate needs.

We treat them with unconditional love and absolute respect. No matter how full we are, there is always room for one more.


find safe and stable housing, including reunification with loving family


receive mental health and wellness services


of those in our employment program find work or enter a job training program

Living in Our Care Center

When youth walk through our doors, we provide a hot meal, clothes, a bed, caring staff ─ and so much more.

Our first goal is to reunite young people with family. Many times, that is not a viable option. Our case managers and counselors then help youth find jobs and housing, important steps in the transition to independent living.

Individual medical care is provided on site within 72 hours by the Tulane Adolescent Drop-in Clinic.

For many young people, treatment for behavioral/mental health issues and substance abuse is critically important, and licensed professionals are available on site to help them.

Youth develop personalized case plans with support from our staff.

Our young people enroll in a variety of skill-building classes based on their educational/vocational assessments. Literacy and HiSET prep classes are provided by community partners. We offer job readiness and placement assistance, and training programs like Cafe Reconcile and Liberty’s Kitchen.

For our young families, we offer additional assistance with childcare and preschool.

We work with our residents every step of the way.

Once they find work, our youth save 80% of each paycheck. Then, when they have enough money, we help our young people locate affordable apartments.

We help our residents develop the tools they need to live independently, and our aftercare support continues as long as they need us.

Rights of Passage Transitional Living Program (ROP)

Program Overview

Highly motivated residents can apply to Rights of Passage, where we provide on-campus housing, counseling, and mentoring while residents work, save money, and advance their education.

  • Residents attend school and/or work full-time
  • Residents save 40% of their income and contribute 20% to their food and rent
  • We provide 24/7 case management and counseling while they build skills and resources for independent living
  • Together, the ROP community creates a weekly budget for meals and cooks dinner together in their communal kitchen

Rights of Passage Successes

In 2020, we had 112 Rights of Passage residents with remarkable achievements.

  • 86% graduated from ROP with a good job and stable housing
  • 99% received physical and behavioral health care as part of their wellness plan

Independent Living

Off-Site Apartments

Covenant House helps residents move into their own apartments by offering three main services:

  • Housing Identification: helping young people find appropriate and affordable housing on their own or with a family member or friend
  • Rent and Move-In Assistance: offering financial assistance (on a sliding scale) for 10 months to help youth and families establish their independence
  • Case Management and Services: meetings with staff on a bi-weekly basis to help our young people maintain off-site housing and independence

Supportive Housing

For our youth and young parents with a diagnosed disability, we offer supportive housing. We provide programs directly, while also linking youth to community and neighborhood resources. Services provided by Covenant House include:

  • Physical and mental health care
  • Job and education assistance
  • Supportive services
  • Financial assistance