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Our youth face some of the greatest challenges in our community. With the help of the Covenant House New Orleans family, they receive the relentless support, unconditional love, and absolute respect they need to begin healing and start building brighter futures. 

Facts & Figures

Last year, we provided comprehensive services to 847 youth. Our Crisis Center cared for 420 young people. We expanded the number of off-site independent apartments available for individuals and families, including graduates of our Rights of Passage transitional living program. We also provided supportive housing for our youth with chronic mental illness and disabilities. 

  • 24/7 Crisis Care: 420 youth and children served. 78% found stable housing and/or family reunification. On average, 185 youth & children were served per night at CHNO.
  • Rights of Passage (ROP): 214 youth and children served. 85% graduated with a supportive job and stable housing.
  • Employment: 248 youth found work or entered job training programs.
  • Human Trafficking: 30% of Covenant House youth are survivors. 66% found stable housing and/or family reunification.
  • Street Outreach & Aftercare: 1,084 counseling and emergency services provided to youth in the community. 2,080 hours in the community spent doing outreach.
  • Reunification: 125 youth received bus or train tickets to reunite with family.

Pay it Forward

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Youth Profiles

Learn about the successes and journeys of our residents

Jakiya smiling while posing with his silver medal after one of his races

Youth Profile Update: Jakiya’s Gift

One of the under-recognized perceptions—and truths—about the young people we serve is the incredible number of innate gifts they possess. This spans across a wide spectrum of both potential and already-on-display talents.
Close up of Elijah in front of some of his artwork

Youth Profile: Elijah

"Painting is a relief for me," he says. "It helps me find a better place to rest my mind. Instead of keeping all the negative energy in me, I put it all on canvas."
Jakiya, a male Covenant House resident wearing a neon green event tank top, is mid-stride as he runs through the beautiful greenery of the Audubon.

Youth Profile: Jakiya

Written by Sophie Trist On Saturday, June 1, 2019, the inaugural Arts & Hearts 5K was held in beautiful Audubon Park, presented by Varsity Sports. All proceeds were dedicated to Covenant House to provide unconditional love and holistic…

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In the past 10 years, the number of youth in our care has grown from 45 to over 200 per nightSupport our youth as they work to reach their incredible potential.