Our Continuum of Care is designed to

Connect with the Need

Provide Immediate Care

Create Long Term Opportunities

Areas of Assistance

Crisis Care & Stable Housing

We provide immediate and long-term assistance to youth through our 24/7 Crisis Center, our transitional housing program, and our off-site independent apartments.

Education, Employment, & Life Skills

Our team works hard to provide residents with education, training, and employment opportunities to further their academic and career development.

Health & Wellness

We offer a holistic spectrum of professional care. In addition to medical and mental health services, we offer behavioral healthcare, counseling, pastoral care, art and music therapy, and more.


Our specially trained team finds and connects with at-risk youth, ensuring they know we are here to help, and providing them with food, counseling, and assistance, and information on our programs.

Specialized Care

Two Generations

Approximately 33% of our young women are mothers. On average, there are 24 “two-generation” families (including 32 children) in our care every day, translating to about 64 families (including 90 children) annually – more than any other provider in the state/region.

We are excited to announce a new initiative to expand and enhance the services we provide for our young families. We have researched best-practice intervention models from across the country focused on providing the very best care for mother, child, and family.

We meet our kids where they are. It is our job to develop the very best models of care for each of our unique populations of youth.

Human Trafficking

Youth who come to us as human trafficking victims need immediate safety and security. Many victims of trafficking and sexual labor are struggling with mental health issues, addictions, and severe trauma from recent experiences.

We provide direct care to these young people through intensive case management, individual counseling and group therapy, and comprehensive support services.

Covenant House brings experience and partnerships together to offer victim-centered, trauma-informed care for victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Over the past year, Covenant House has provided comprehensive services and care to 90 human trafficking victims/survivors

  • 97% of our victims/survivors have a previous history of sexual abuse, assault and/or rape
  • 94% were first trafficked while under the age of 21
  • 99% currently suffer from profound trauma (PTSD) or poly trauma
  • 97% grew up in dysfunctional, abusive, violent homes
  • 55% of our female victims/survivors have a history of dancing in clubs, and 98% of the those first danced in a club while under the age of 21

Approximately 25% of the residents of Covenant House have been victims of human trafficking and/or have been involved in sexual labor


Covenant House works hard to foster an environment of acceptance and inclusion by both our residents and our staff. Above all, we practice unconditional love and absolute respect.

Of the hundreds of young people we care for each year, 33% self-identify as LGBTQ. We respect each of these residents’ wishes when it comes to names, pronouns, and living arrangements.

We are grateful to be continually strengthening our relationship with LGBTQ organizations throughout the region. We give our thanks to organizations such as BreakOUT!, which helps connect our LGBTQ residents with additional supportive services.

Community Partners

Developing Skills

Addressing Needs

In-Depth Collaboration

Through the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force, we work closely with service providers and law enforcement to aid human trafficking survivors:

How Can You Help?

In the past 6 years, the number of kids in our care has grown from 45 to 170 per night. Most have endured unimaginable abuse, violence, and trauma. You can help give them a chance.