Health & Wellness

Physical & Behavioral Health Services

Health Services

Our partnership with Tulane Medical School means that our residents and adolescents in the community can get healthcare on site at the Tulane Clinic.

  • This past year, 2,078 residents and community youth benefited from onsite adolescent healthcare, provided in partnership with Tulane Medical School

Behavioral Health

Along with our partners at Tulane Medical, we offer professional counseling and behavioral health services to help our residents heal and recover.

  • 95% of our youth received mental and behavioral health services from our licensed counselors and a Tulane prescribing psychologist
  • 90% of those treated showed improved daily functioning in jobs, school, and interpersonal relationships

Beyond the Clinics

Our mental health care doesn’t stop after our residents have seen licensed professionals.

  • With 85% of our young people suffering from profound trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, we know we must do more
  • Our staff is regularly trained on the latest models of trauma-informed care and positive youth development


What is Wellness?

  • Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential
  • Wellness is multi-dimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment
  • Wellness is positive and affirming
  • Check out Covenant House’s Wellness Policy

Effects of Wellness

  • Improved coping skills and the ability to deal with stress
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Fewer relationship issues
  • Improved daily functioning in both personal and professional life
  • Increased willingness to see mental health professionals during crises

Wellness Activities

  • Group sessions on subjects such as anger management and substance abuse
  • Community building activities
  • Individual wellness sessions, including home visits for our off-site residents
  • Art and exercise therapy activities both on-site and at partner facilities

How You Can Help

We are always looking for ways to do more! If you have any interest or skill (creative writing, painting, yoga certification, etc.) that you think our residents would benefit from, we would LOVE for you to come and lead a wellness workshop!

Please email volunteerNOLA@covenanthouse.org to get involved.