Halloween at Covenant House

Happy Halloween!

The Fall is a wonderful time at Covenant House. With Halloween, the Sleep Out, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all one after another, there’s a festive spirit in the air.

In the past week, it’s been a marathon of fun – and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and generous donations from our staff and friends in the community! Read the post below to hear about all SIX of the events from this past week.

Last Wednesday, the Junior League of New Orleans threw our residents a Halloween themed birthday party for those who had birthdays in October. All were welcome to attend, and the birthday kids each got their own gifts!


Friday afternoon, Ween Dream came by, donated dozens of BEAUTIFUL costumes to us, and threw our little kids and their mothers a Halloween party! Our little kids were absolutely glowing with joy at being able to dress up in such cool costumes. Here are some of the photos that Ween Dream shared on their Facebook.


Halloween isn’t just for the little kids though — later that night, our staff members threw our residents a Halloween party of their own. Our staff decorated the Crisis Center head-to-toe in Halloween decor, set up a DJ, provided food, and let the festivities begin.

The next day, Kiwanis came and prepared a delicious BBQ for our residents. They’ve been coming for years, and we can’t thank them enough for giving our residents an amazing meal and an afternoon of fun. Just on the other side of our courtyard, the Women of Motivation were throwing our residents a day-time Halloween celebration. They brought a DJ, a Space Walk, donations, and more!

And finally, it was Halloween day! Just after the little kids in the Head Start center on-site woke up from nap time, they paraded throughout Covenant House, trick-or-treating at each office or cubicle throughout the building. A few hours later, the young moms of dads of Covenant House brought their children and did the same. All of the children were decked out in their amazing Ween Dream costumes. We are so blessed to have so many friends in the community who want to bring joy to our residents. Thank you to our staff and community partners, and of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!